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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Computer Graphics Notes Lab 3


The use of computer graphics is wide spread. It is used in various areas such as industry, business, government organizations, education, and entertainment and most recently the home.

1)     User Interfaces: User friendliness is one of the main factors underlying the success and popularity of any system. The graphical interfaces provide an attractive and easy interaction between users and computers. The built-in graphics provided with user interfaces use visual control items such as buttons, menus, icons, scroll bar etc. which allows user to interact with computer only by mouse - click. Typing is necessary only to input text to be stored and manipulated.

2)     Plotting of graphics and chart: In industry, business, government and educational organizations, computer graphics is most commonly used to create 2D and 3D graphs of mathematical, physical and economic functions in form of histograms, bars and pie-charts. These graphs and charts are very useful for decision making.

3)     Office automation and Desktop Publishing: The desktop publishing on personal computers allows the use of graphics for the creation and dissemination of information. Many organizations do the in-house creation and printing of documents. The DTP allows user to create documents which contain text, tables, graphs and other forms of drawn or scanned images or pictures.

4)     Computer-aided Drafting and Design: The computer-aided drafting uses graphics to design components and systems electrical, mechanical, electromechanical and electronic devices such as automobile bodies, structures of building, airplane, ships, optical systems and computer networks.

5)     Simulation and Animation: Use of graphics in simulation makes mathematic models and mechanical systems more realistic and easy to study. The interactive graphics supported by animation software proved their use in production of animated movies and cartoons films.

6)     Art and Commerce: There is a lot of development in the tools provided by computer graphics. This allows user to create artistic pictures which express messages and attract attentions. Such pictures are very useful in advertising.

7)     Process Control: By the use of computer now it is possible to control various processes in the industry from a remote control room. Process systems and processing parameters are shown on the computer with graphics symbols and identifications. This makes it easy for operator to monitor and control various processing parameters at a time.

8)     Cartography: Computer graphics is also used to represent geographic maps, weather maps, oceanographic charts, population density maps and so on.

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